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    I am trying to sync my Gmail account with Versamail, and I've made sure the POP/SMTP settings (POP w/SSL port 995, SMTP w/SSL port 587 + ESMTP authentication) are correct.

    The Versamail client on the T650 itself can collect mail from the Gmail account no problem. But the Versamail conduit can't collect mail -- when I test the conduit (and it does have the correct settings as well), it gives me this error:

    SSL connections are not supported.
    Cannot form a network communication object.

    I find that a little hard to believe, since the Versamail client on the T650 can connect to Gmail without any issues -- it's just the conduit that refuses to do it.

    Suggestions are welcome!
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    Well, the message is right.... there is NO SSL in the standard direct POP or IMAP accounts in the VM conduit, only in the client. You should set that account up in Outlook Express/Eudora and then sync the account that way.
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    Gotcha. Thanks for the reply!


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