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    Hi all,

    I can't access my work email via Webmail on my 650 (where I could on my Treo 600!) and was told by the Sprint tech folks that I needed to download a different web browser that can support 128mb encryption. I was directed to but I'm not sure which browser to buy? Any suggestions, please folks...
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    They don't know what they're talking about -- Blazer 4.0 supports 128-bit encryption. The problem is that Blazer 4.0, like every browser for PalmOS, isn't totally compatible with Internet Explorer; and your Webmail probably relies on some specific behavior of IE (that the Treo 600 version of Blazer just happened to mimic).

    It is true that you may have better luck with another browser. I'd recommend starting with AvantGo , since it's free and pretty full-featured (although it is a bit idiosyncratic). Can't hurt, anyway. I haven't used any other browsers, but I've also seen posts mentioning a patched version of WebPro 3.0 -- try searching the forum.
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    I think Xiino works for 128 OWA stuff.

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