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    ...a couple other users and I figured out the problem. Your HBH-660 (BT) won't work after the update, and your sound on your phone will be screwed up. You won't be able to initially get your phone to detect the BT HBH-660 either, so...'s what you do. RESET your HBH-660 by holding the volume button down (in the center, so you are getting both + and -) for five seconds...then do it again. Then, use bluetooth to redetect the HBH-660.

    That should do it. As another user pointed out, the HBH-660 sees it as a new phone, so you have to reset the HBH-660 too.

    Hope that helps.
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    [QUOTE=ddahorton]Your HBH-660 (BT) won't work after the update, and your sound on your phone will be screwed up. You won't be able to initially get your phone to detect the BT HBH-660 either, so...QUOTE]

    ddahorton, i'm sure many will appreciate your tip but you should not make such a universal statement. my HBH-660 has been working just fine since the 1.08 update. i did restore with Backupman, which maintains BT devices...
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    Good point -- well, modified then: in the event that your HBH-660 doesn't work...try this. (See above.)
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    Given the original warning made no mention of anyone using Backupman I think its safe to be so general. Most statements rarely apply to every case, but close enough.

    Thanks for posting this ddahorton. Personally I don't "need" the update so I've been waiting to hear about little issues like these. So when I do update, to get whatever benefits come with it I can avoid any minor pitfalls. Only takes a sec to reset the BT headset connection. I'll break my connection prior to running the update (and add it again afterwards) just to be sure things work well.

    I've got a license for Backupman, but never used it yet .
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    I reset my headset and resetup the hbh-660 with my 650 but now its not connecting with the phone as well as it used to. For instance, it takes an extra ring or 2 for the call to be picked up in my headset and when i make a call it takes longer to transfer the call to the headset, sometimes it doesnt at all without manually pushing the button on the headset. Has anyone else experienced these problems since the upgrade??
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    ^ Did you remove the HBH-660 from your Treo's Bluetooth setting before doing the upgrade?

    If not try resetting the headset and make sure it is removed from the Treo's settings too. Then add it again fresh.

    Not sure if that will help but that's what I would do .
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    I reset it, and now it is asking me for my passkey... what is this passkey?
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    the key is 0000
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    My BT headset did not work but your advise straightened it right out. Thanks
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    Thanks so much... it is working again.
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    You bet, glad to help, team effort around here.
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    Thanks ddahorton! I had the same problem, but your fix cured it.
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    I switch between my 2005 A6 handsfree and the 660 on a regular basis. After applying the 650 patch and using this valuable advise I have to repeat the reset of the HBH-660 each time after I use the A6 handsfree. I don't have to repeatedly reset the A6....has anyone else experienced this after using other bluetooth devices??
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    Horton, you are the man. I've been screwing around all day long trying to figure out what is wrong with my headset.

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    Horton, I should have searched before trying for the past hour to get the 660 to re-pair with my 650. Was on the phone with P1 for another hour before that, trying to fix the Voicedial install problem, which resulted in a couple of hard resets. No fix for the Voicedial issue yet, but after reading your thread, FINALLY got my 660 working again. Thanks so much!
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    I tried your solution and had MAJOR problems. When the volume keys (+-) are held down together for 5-8 seconds the phone goes into pairing mode (a headset and a phone icon appear with arrows circling between them on the 660 LCD). At this point the 650 was giving me major delay problems and was still not able to discover the headset. I was finally successful only after a new soft reset of the 650, leaving the headset powered down and only powering the headset up when at the Handsfree setup page where you select "Next" to go to discovery mode. Then when the headset was powered up in "pairing mode" it was discovered quickly and easily. (I tried the power up at Next after seeing the Palmone support page indicate that the headset should only be powered up then for discovery.) Hope this helps anyone else having problems.
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    All I can say is thank you.

    I had spent several hours trying to figure out why my HBH-660 headset would not pair with my 650.

    I searched Palmone's site as well as Sony-Ericsson's extensively -- to no avail.

    You prevented me from wasting any more of my time and resolved one of the remaining huge frustrations I've been having with my @#!@$%$! Treo 650.

    I nominate you for the best sanity-preserving Treo Central post of the year.



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