This is my first replacement for the unlocked 650 GSM. palm charged me $25 to send it preemptively. I want to check it over throughly before sending the old one back, so I dont get stuck with a worse one.

They only sent a phone so I have to switch the battery and sim back and forth to test it.

firmware 01.15
1.06 row
hardware a

I did not put all my contacts entourage 2004/mac or sync yet testing the phone. In case i have to send it back.

What are the things that are mission critical to check?

1) no echo on calls to other celular customers (seems ok)
2) the volume on sending a recieving calls and checking voice mail
(slightly louder)
3) versa mail works as setup
4) seems to reboot to the palm screen a lot on starting the phone.
no applications on except what came with the phone.

How do I check for major problems? and what else should I have on the list? What would you check for?