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    I am having probs with my brand new 650, and I need to uninstall chattermail, which is the only thing I have installed on it.

    How do I do this??
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    In chatter, choose the Reset Phone/Upgrade command from the Sys menu. After the rest, do not start chatter. Go to the Home screen (the built-in application launcher) and choose the delete command from the App menu and choose Chatter and delete it.
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    Thanks. We'll see if that helps.
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    Adding on what Silverado said, you should also use FileZ to delete all programs by creator "ZRKa" to ensure everything is deleted properly. The easiest way is to do the uninstall/upgrade command in Chatter, after your phone reboots, open ZLauncher, filter by app creator "ZRKa" and delete those files. That way you know it's totally gone (procedure from Chattermail's FAQ)
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    You lost me at zlauncher. Where is that?
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    Sorry, I meant FileZ, not ZLauncher (on way to edit post)...

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