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    Hi all - I have read through all the threads I could find, but can't find one that addresses this particular combination. So please forgive me in advance if this is a duplicate.

    I am a happy Treo 600 (T-Mo GSM) user (with no intention of upgrading to the 650) - my fourth 600 seems to be a good one .

    I have a theBoom headset (recommended in various other threads), a Mapopolis/i.Trek GPS bundle (also recommended in older threads, though TomTom seems to be getting all the attention now).

    The problem is... the theBoom headset is a -huge- disappointment. The ideal setup I am now looking for is:

    - Treo 600 with a Bluetooth adapter of some kind;
    - Bluetooth adapter for the i.TRek GPS mouse;
    - a good Bluetooth headset

    With everything working happily together. Has anyone worked this particular configuration out? Specifically, getting both a BT headset and a BT GPS mouse connecting to the Treo 600 at the same time?

    All input welcome!
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    Bluetooth adapters exist for the 600, but they're for data and misc peripherals only. They can't be used for headsets because they don't integrate with the phone portion of the device.
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    Hmmm... Actually, I have found headset Bluetooth adapters for the 600, but not data adapters.

    After some poking around I've settled on the following:

    - the i.Trek/Mapopolis GPS combo stays as is, connecting through the Treo's serial port
    - the theBoom headset is going back to the store, and will be replaced with a Jabra A210 Bluetooth adapter (which plugs into the 2.5mm jack) and a Motorola HS850 (timely review, thanks TC!) Bluetooth headset.

    Should be getting this in next week, will keep y'all posted! Anyone have a better idea?
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    I would look at doing the hardwire GPS set-up (can be found a few threads down), as the Bluetooth will chew-out your batteries in no time...I used to do Bluetooth GPSing with my Clie UX50, and found that it cut my batteries by 75%.

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