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    So, I did the updater, (after many headaches and looped resets) and finally got through it. My phone had more memory available. But when I checked under phone info it still says 1.03. SOOOO...i decided to reinstall just in case it didn;t take, and now as I type this it is in a reaset loop again....What up wit Dat?
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    I had the same problem, so I downloaded the original ROM from shadowmite's website ( and flashed my phone with that. Then I ran the update to 1.08 again.

    Make sure to follow directions on the website exactly as they are listed, any ROM flashing is risky.
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    i had custom rom , so first time i got 1.03 after update, i did update again it it went to 1.08
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    OK, here's what I did for anyone with a similar problem:

    I first was going to flash with Shadoemites original ROM, but got that funny feeling in the pit of my stomach (and my Spidey sense started tingling); so....

    I did the install again under a new name (I called it "updater 1.08" original, huh?)

    Then after it was installed did a hot sync uder my original name...I guess pretty simple when you think about it, but thought I would post my experience just in case it wasn't posted anywhere else, and someone had the same problem.

    From what I could surmise the original problem could have been a memory issue (had a similar problem with that looped reset) even though it says I had 11mb of memory, I think you should have a little more, just to be safe (like 14mb).

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