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    O.K. I think I have finally had enough of LightWav. Wondering what you use? Does it work as it states? Are you happy with it or do you use another app? After all these times upgrading with LightWav I've never used anything else other than the ringer part of the app. Finally started to use the pic option, and it worked for 2 calls, now I can't even get pictures to view it, during a call. Ringo Pro was updated yesterday, with speakez. So what do you all perfer?
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    Ringo Pro works Period. I've never had problems or anything and I've never heard anybody having issues with it. Now lightWav does more things that Ringo, but I heard that it crashes a lot.

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    Ringo for me. I started with it on my 600, carried it over to my 650. Gave LW a try, but it was too buggy. (LW 5 seemed the most stable, all the other updates didn't do me to well)

    Anyways, back to Ringo...(until CF finally comes out for the 650) The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    I prefer Ringo, as all I'm concerned about is MP3 ringers, not dancing gifs and such...It's lean and mean, and that's what you want on a Palm device. Bloated and filled-with-more-than-you'll-ever-use is saved for PC's.

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