After installing 1.08 update for T650, something very odd has happened. The phone itself works fine, EXCEPT: sound won't come through either my BT headset OR the headset that came with the unit, even when one of them is connected AND detected. It is definitely detecting both: the bluetooth function detects the BT headset (I'm using the Akono HBH-660), and when I connect the "wire-headset" (the one that came with the T650) to the phone and dial, I hear a brief click through the headset -- but then it only provides sound through the ear speaker. (And no -- "speakerphone" isn't selected/on.) Same with BT -- even tho it's detecting it (and I hear the series of beeps at first), it only provides sound thru the phone itself.

I can't figure out what the problem is here, although I'm not ready to blame it yet on the could be a conflict with some other software, I guess, or perhaps a really simple setting that I'm forgetting about.

Does anyone have any clues/suggestions?