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    Does the new version of KeyDates from Chapura include all the features that were once is a program called Datebk5?

    I used to use an old version of DateBk5 on a Treo 300 and I really relied on the 3-Day view. But now I've bought a Treo 650 and was considering upgrading to KeySuite and really want to know if that program has the best address book AND datebook features on the market.


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    KeySuite puts its own database onto the Palm, and then syncs that database with all the fields in Outlook.

    DB5 uses the standard Palm databases, and so can't sync all the Outlook fields. But DB5 is much more customizable and provides many more options for viewing your data. DB5 has a much more active user group, with their own forum over at Yahoo groups. And the DB5 developer is much more responsive to user input.

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