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    I completely fooked this one up... I just performed the Cingular firmware update on my Treo and now cant do a subsidy unlock. Im almost 100% sure that this has to do with the fact that Im using a T-mobile SIM with the unlock procedure. Can anyone confirm that in order to do a subsidy unlock you need to first be connected to the Cingular network??

    Also, after performing the firmware update.. how did you guys deal with the restore procedure. Hotsync pretty much overloaded my treo with every single applications Ive ever installed and sent it into a "low memory" reset loop. Is it absolutely necessary to install everything by hand?? Which files within my backup folder should I keep? Help is needed!!
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    Don't know about the unlock issue but as for the backup folder (after doing a hard reset) just delete all the PRC files that you know you no longer need then re-sync. Hopefully that should work. If your backup folder has been building up through various different Palm devices other then the 650 you might be SOL. In that case the safest & best way is to do a clean reinstal program by program.

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