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    Is there a way to reformat an SD card? I seem to be having more problems with one card over the other and thought I would give it a try...
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    Put it in your PC using a card reader. Go to MyComputer, right click on the drive letter and select FORMAT. Make sure you choose FAT32 (which is probably the only choice anyway).
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    No offense, but I have different advice. When I tried FAT32 via a card reader on my free SimpleTech 128MB card, the Treo didn't recognize it (although, no harm trying that if you want). It's a shame, since FAT32 is (or can be) more efficient. FAT16 did work, but I don't recommend that, either.

    Rather, since the primary use of the card is in the Treo, I would format it there. Insert it, and run the Card Info app. From the Card menu, select Format Card (menu-F). Give it a convenient name, and go. Guaranteed to work (unless the card is bad).

    In general, you should format a memory card on the device that it will run in most of the time, although there are exceptions (such as, when that creates an incompatibility with another device that's important to you). Good luck.
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    Thanks. I found the way to format it on my palm.

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