NOTE: Mods, I reposted from the U.S. GSM Forum because I hadn't received an answer. I apologize for blowing the protocol a bit.

Did Cingular just change its design for MediaNet, or was something wrong with the way my T50 was provisioned (or whatever the right term is?) that suddenly got fixed?

Until last night, my home page was this very plain page, titled cingular MEdia, then followed with links to "my alerts" then "personalize." The URL starts with www. Then choices for News, Weather, Stocks, etc., followed.

I would surf either regular web pages or WAP ones. Using the WAP ones, for example, Yahoo, looked normal, except that I noticed that they were missing the link for Cingular that I assumed it should have had given my experience with Sprint (I just moved over from them), which would have a link to Vision on the bottom. I remember thinking that I thought they were missing out on "bundling" me in.

Well, I was on WAP Yahoo last night, and noticed that there was some new background color, and that a Media Net Home and Help links (within black bars) were now active. I hit Home, and was sent to a new site with numbers assigned to a bunch of links, e.g., 1. "What's Hot", 2. "Mail & Messaging," 3. "Tones," etc., which also were within solid bars, this time blue.

I hope people understand what I'm referring without screenshots. I've never bothered to figure out how to do that off the Palm.

By the way, since that occurred (which also occurred one day after I downloaded the firmware/software update), my 650 seems to have stabilized. To clarify, though, the 650 had a couple of crashes after the update but before my "new" MediaNet showed up.

So anyone know what's going on?