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    Quote Originally Posted by RobM
    The only thing you can try is to download the Cingular update and try to install that. It may or may not work. If all else fails, call tech support and tell them what happened, they may have a solution. At worst case, you will need to swap out the phones.

    In order to do so, you need the Token Writer for the Treo 650. I know shadowmite has it and hopefully he's posted it somewhere (here or on Either way it's something that should be if it's not.
    With the token writer you can change the 3 letter identifier string in the phone from ROW to CNG and then it'll accept the cingular update.
    Note, don't try to use the 600 tokenwriter on the 650, get the 650 version.
    See the "FAQs" on regarding firmware upgrades on the 600.

    I thought of doing this, but the problem is you do not have a ROW version to use if you ever want to go back. In other words if you upgrade to the CNG (Cingular version) it's a one way ticket until PalmOne releases the ROW (Rest of world aka PalmOne Unlocked) version for you to use to go back.

    Down side of switching to the cingular update is that you'd disable bluetooth DUN, and you'd be loading Cingular's apps in to 'ROM' which you may or may not like. But you'd get the fix and maybe it'd be best to use this update until you have the ROW version later in the year.
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    just received my 650 yesterday from the vienna channels deal.

    fw: 01.15
    sw: treo650-1.06-ROW
    hw: A

    does anyone know how to dump the file? i'll post it if i can get the ROM off.
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