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    I updated my treo to new sprint update and now my H660 headphone not working. It is detected and enable but fail to catch any call made or recieved. and if you push button it will open pop up (while call is in progress) that it is connecting and still wont pick up call on headset.

    Any body got any clues???
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    See the post in this thread, another user had the same problem
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    Got it. Thanks man. phewww made me mad for few hours..... :-)
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    I'm having very similar problems, even after performing a new setup of the H660. To save space I had to archive many old programs and I haven't reinstalled some. Are there a list of programs that bluetooth needs to function properly? If so, does anyone know what they are?
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    OK, now I think I'm really in trouble. I'm having the same problem pairing with my Audi after applying the update....worked before. I remember a files named Bluetooth Lib and Bt Stack but now I can't find them in my archive. Could it be this file or another missing file causing the problem??

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