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    I am trying to get the HelloPhone sample app running (see The source code comes straight from PalmSource.

    However, the calls to SysLibFind() and SysLibLoad() both return an error 0x509 right off the bat, and I can't figure out why:

    ShowResult(MainSysLibFindResultLabel, PROCESSING_RESULT);
    error = SysLibFind(kTelMgrLibName, &telRefNum);
    ShowResult(MainSysLibFindResultLabel, error);
    if (error) {
    ShowResult(MainSysLibLoadResultLabel, PROCESSING_RESULT);
    error = SysLibLoad(kTelMgrDatabaseType, kTelMgrDatabaseCreator, &telRefNum);
    ShowResult(MainSysLibLoadResultLabel, error);
    if (!error) {
    bLoaded = true;
    if (error) return;

    The result is the same whether I run the program on my real Treo650 or the simulator.

    Anyone have any ideas, or know the correct way to do this?

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    Hi Eric,

    Treos 600 and 650 do not use the PalmSource's Telephony manager, but their own Phone library. It's even a different library for GSM and CDMA devices, so you'll need to detect the device type first.

    To make this process simpler, palmOne has created a new API HsGetPhoneLibrary() to detect and load the correct Phone library for

    You can download the PalmOne SDK, available once registred to their dev. program. ( ) .


    The HB++ team

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