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    I am working on a fix to winhand (which I never particularly liked seeing as it has to connect to a winhand server before it connects to your computer) Other than that it was a great program.
    I am working on a "middle man" program to act as the winhand website server that will be run in addition to the winhand server program you already use.
    I was willing to go along using winhand, but I certainly as hell wont pay for it.
    Expect my fix to be up shortly, Im hoping to have this completed by next week..

    But before I go through all of this, is there any other remote desktop options available for the 650 besides this? I dont want to go through all of this if there is another free 650 vnc.

    If there is no other, I urge the members of treo central to NOT upgrade to 5.3, and I will be releasing my patch shortly.
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    Have you looked at PalmVNC??? It's free. I'm not all that fond of it compared to Winhand, though. Quite a bit more hassle to set up and slower overall.

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