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    Even when I turn off my PCS Vision my SuperTalk is still unable to connect to an incoming call, only outgoing calls. I returned my unit to GoldLantern and they sent me a new one with the exact same problem. I'm probably going to crash and die in my car from having to pull my phone out of my pocket to answer a call instead of hitting the button on my SuperTalk. Good work, PalmOne!
    yeah it really sucks. I still use mine for outgoing calls, and when I'm able incoming, by picking up the call on the 650, then push and hold the answer button on the Treo for about 3 to 4 seconds and transfer the call over. While this works, after hang up the Bluetooth connection on the Treo sticks open and you have to turn BT off then back on.
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    Has anyone try FW 1.23 upgrade to see if the issue is resolved ?
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    I still haven't upgraded to 1.08 because of the incoming call issue. Has anyone been able to consistently receive calls on Supertooth after upgrading?
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    I guess what's frustrating is that I have no idea whom to contact about this. Gold Lantern sure doesn't think this is THEIR problem.
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