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    Thank you all for the helpful postings. Here's a question I have not seen answered: I am planning a round-the-world trip and would like to leave my computer at home. Has anyone seen some kind of setup that would allow a Treo to plug into a portable hard drive to back up files from the SD card and/or accept new files from a hard drive. For instance, I would like to bring more Audible books than would fit on a typical memory card but would fit on an Archos-type portable hard drive / multimedia device. Also, then I could back up pictures from my digital camera with an SD card via the Treo to a hard drive.

    Thanks again,
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    No, haven't seen this in all my extensive searching, but would LOVE to find such a product.!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    Not as of yet, still have to copy SD card to computer hd, or access sd card from card slot.
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    iomega used to have something like this for copying SM/CF cards to Zip disks, but Zip disks are dead now and flash memory is now larger (in terms of capacity) than Zip disks ever were.

    Belkin has a "USB bridge" device designed for transferring stuff between multiple USB storage devices without a central host, I don't know how well this would work for your purposes.
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    ezdigimac has a sd=> cd burner
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    Thanks much, Entropy

    Here is the link - a very cool product
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    Oops. Delkin not Belkin.

    And from the looks of it, this won't do what you seem to want - it's a one-way-only backup solution (a small storage device is completely copied to a large one, no way to selectively retrieve files going the other way.)
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    I think it sounds like it does exactly what he wants...

    "The Delkin USB-Bridge provides an easy, affordable solution for anyone who wants to copy image, music or data files from one USB compliant device to another without the aid of a computer. For instance, up until now it was nearly impossible for anyone to copy photo images directly from a camera to a portable storage device. Use the Bridge as a link to copy files between a variety of USB peripherals such as an iPod for Windows (and other MP3 players), USB Flash “Thumb Drives”, external hard drives, CD-R burners and memory card readers.

    It fits in the palm of your hand and is the ideal answer for the traveler who prefers leaving their laptop at home but still needs a solution for storing and transferring files on the fly."

    BTW, it's $79.99

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    Oh good god that's sexy...YUM!!

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