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    The additional memory sounds great.
    I have not read through all of the posts so forgive me if this has been answered.

    I need a definitive answer to:

    Is the sound quality better than the original patch from palmone (the shadowmite patch)?

    What else is fixed besides the memory?

    What I mean is... not what it is suppose to fix... but in the opinion of the people who have already "upgraded", what has it actually fixed?
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    Volume (both Bluetooth and handset volume)
    Sound Quality seems same as Shadowmite patch to me
    My resets have absolutely CEASED. I had 10-15 per day and I have had 0 for 7 1/2 hours now.
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    My 650's an unlocked Cingular labeled model which I use on T-Mobile. Can I install the update?
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    It's a Sprint-only update.
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    Unless one is talking about the Cingular-only update, which I think this is about.

    The description says to not use this if your carrier is not Cingular or AT&T Wireless.

    Curiously, my resets have increased since installing the update. Oh well....
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    Regarding memory, does anyone know exactly what they did and how much memory was made available?
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    Seems to be about 5mb more. Well worth it to install the patch.
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    Most folks seem to feel it fixes all that it is advertised to fix.

    The amount of extra memory you will see varies. I got an extra 4.4MB after the update but I've seen post where people said they got as much as 7MB free after the update. I'm sure this all depends on how much you were using and what the space was being used for.
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    I did the update and it turned out well.

    Here is my experience:

    I had the original sound patch and I have not noticed a significant difference on my end. Maybe just a little "tighter". But everyone I have talked to says they can hear me clearly with no background noise (background noise was very typical before).

    My memory actually went up by @ 7Megs.
    Initially it was 3-4MB. I then realized that I had used Dataviz Tech to move Docs to Go to my memory card. So when I hotsynced after the update, Docs to go was reinstalled back into RAM. I transferred Docs back to the SD and that bumped my gain up to the 7Megs.

    My bluetooth headset is louder. It definitely "works" now.

    Overall the upgrade was painless. It fixed a few issues, mainly sound and memory (which I am not downplaying... instead I do commend Palmone on the memory fix) and in my opinion well worth it.

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