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    I had high expectations for the Belkn Bluetooth Headset. It looks similar to the Cardo Scala or the Logitech Bluetooth Freedom. It comes with a few different earpieces so that you can fit it in your ear to block out external noise. I figured this might solve my volume issues.

    I currently use a Cardo Scala 500 with an eargel. The eargel must be removed from the Cardo to fit it in the charger. The Belkin fits into the charger with the eargel attached.

    It uses Bluetooth 1.1. Talk time 5 hours, Standby time 150 hours. Charge time, 2 hours. It comes with a desktop charging stand. Cost $79.95 from Compusa.

    Pairing was fairly easy..

    Those are the good things...

    The bad:
    Only a single control. No separate multifunction button. Everything is controlled using a very small, hard to access wheel that feels about the same as the volume wheel on the Cardo Scala.

    When making a phone call using the Treo 650, the Belkin would only connect about 1 out of every 4 times.

    Sound volume was low with tons of static.

    Frequently it would disconnect from the Treo 650 midway through a call. No way to reconnect. No sounds on the headset and no sound thru the phone.

    I even tried it before and after the Sprint 1.08 firmware. Still crappy.

    So.. in other words... Do NOT buy this..
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    May I ask, which "eargel" type are you using with the Cardo Scala 500?
    It looks like the earpiece on the Scala 500 is quite large/wide, making it difficult to fit a standard Jabra eargel...
    Thanks for the info.

    and btw, thanks for the detailed review!
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    I'm using the colored Jabra Eargels. I use the purple (large one).

    Originally I was using the Eargel only and removed the ear hanger that came with the Scala. The Scala stayed on pretty securely. After a while, though, the eargel wouldn't hold the Scala on my head that well.

    So I put the ear hanger on. After I put the ear hanger back on, I cut off the little wing on the Eargel, so that it was easier to put on ( I no longer needed the hanger to help keep the scala in place).

    It actually works perfectly for me. The only issue is that the Scala won't charge with the eargel on, so I have to remove it every time.
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    Interesting. I may try this...

    although the ear hanger fits perfectly for me, not loose at all (had to "squeeze" and "bend" it a little to my liking); I can wear this all day long and totally forget about it.

    Thanks for your response!
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    I have been using the Belkin Bluetooth since I got my 650 back in November and have had no problems with it. With the update the volume problems have been cured as appears to be the case with almost all of the other BT headsets.

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