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    Hey guys...long time waiting for Rogers Canada to finally get the 650 and I picked it up immediately and finally retired my bulky TungstenW...

    Anyway, first issue is that everyone I talk to now hears their own voice in echo feedback...strange thing is my reception is perfect and I don't hear my echo or their echo for that matter? Actually, when I use speakerphone some people say that their echo volume gets even louder! Rogers says it is a hardware issue and I called the vendor to report the problem. The vendor said since I had purchased the phone less than 30 days ago that a direct swap would be possible...however, my first question is; has anyone had this problem before or is it a faulty device. I am in Sales and use the phone ALL THE TIME and I have already heard clients express their irritation by the echo...not good for making sales over the phone, obviously...

    Second point is the :menu: (shortcut key) that I used to have on the keyboard or the Tungsten which allowed for quick 'cut' 'paste' and other such 2 button shortcuts is nowhere visible on the Treo keyboard that I can see? What happened to this very useful feature?

    Finally, when I performed my first Hot Sync last night everything came over from the TungstenW data on my PC except the Note Pad program and all my Notepad files...why? The Treo650 has a Memo program but no Note Pad?? How do I install Note Pad or get my old Note Pad files into the Treo now that my PC doesn't look at the Tungsten anymore??

    Thanks for any assistance,

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    Noen of my friends complain of any echo. Leave a voicemail for yourself and see how you sound ..

    Keep the menu button pressed for a few seconds. You'll see the command bar which has icons for cut, copy , paste. You can install 3rd party software to enable graffiti that may get you the stylus strokes you are looking for.

    Notepad was not included with my Treo 650. Folks have posted the .prc file (do a search in the forums here) from m5 which works on the Treo 650. Install that. I don't know about how to get your old notes back. Maybe install the database file from your earlier handheld? Beam them after you install Notepad on the 650?
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    I have had two 650s on Fido and both echoed. You should find that the echos occur on the landline side of the conversation. Due to inherent lags in cellphone to cellphone, the echo does not appear to be apparent on these calls.

    Overall the speakerphone can not be used for business calls due to the overpowering echo and vociferous client complaints.

    Another unusual happening is the lack of echo on the first received call after turning on the unit for the day. The second and following calls all have echo on the landline side.

    It may be prudent to give back the unit under 30 day term and wait until Palm can improve on the echo, volume, earpiece, scratchy earpiece connector (well they addressed that one with supplying the wired handsfree earphone/mic with a gold plated connector), reboot, etc. problems.

    On another note, it is cheaper to purchase the really unlocked verision from Palm (and get the free 128 meg SD card) then to buy the full price but still locked version from Rogers.

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