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    Would welcome recommendations on ANY applics/hacks that include an alarm function which actually manages to turn the alarm on and sound off when the Visor is turned off. I need to be reminded of appointments & activities (and to be woken up on away trips) but cannot afford batteries for 24/24 + 7/7 wide awake use of my otherwise faithful Visor. In anticipation, thanks and alertness.
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    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I use VolumeDA. You can turn sound off & set it to resume(turn the volume back on again) after certain time period. You also need hack master & DA Launcher.
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    How about BigClock? Set your alarm to whatever frequency you desire.
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    What's wrong with the built-in appointment calendar or DateBook+ for appointments?? Are you saying that it doesn't work when your Visor is off? If that's the case then you have a problem with either the hardware or possibly an application/hack conflict.

    As for a general purpose alarm clock, BigClock as mentioned in the previous post can't be beat.
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    I use BigClock for Wake-up alarms, Datebook4 for Appointments and BugMe for reminders. They all work very well when the Visor is off. They also have good snooze features.
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    I sync my Outlook calander to my Visor & my alarms go off w/o visor on!

    Just run fdisk to get rid of that nasty partition!
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    I use "Alarming" by Herb Otto, (freeware),which wakes both my Visor and me just fine...albeit often reluctantly.
    It also tells me how little sleep I can expect till it goes off!

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