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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130
    Could the problem be that it's the SPRINT network stinks? It seems all the tests are using other networks. I'm in the minority that uses Cingular with the sound quality being too loud sometimes. I just wondered if maybe Sprint was the actual problem.
    I don't think so, my wifes A460 sounds really good, my treo600 sounded good too. Plus when I use speaker phone, I sound better to people I talk to, that is why I think this ROM update may address this? I just updated lastnight and need more time to test before i conclude if it's still an issue.

    just my 2-cetns, Matt
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    The audio out the L-connector wasn't powerful enough for my Belkin Tunecast II (it wouldn't auto-on, and would auto-off after 60 seconds) until I added the update. After update, things are fine.
    Man, this Treo650 rocks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rkevwill
    Its better than it was, maybe even MUCH better, but still not comparable to the other phones.
    rkevwill Good news and good comparison. An improvement is a good thing; hopefully more will follow. _hanks _or _our _pdate! (treo-speak)
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