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    I just updated the ROM on my Sprint PCS Treo 650 to 1.08 without using Windows or a Mac. Please follow these directions for installing the new ROM. Everything you do is at your own risk, I'm not responsible for any badness that may come of this process. It worked for me. This procedure may work for *BSD users, but I am not one so I have not tested it.

    Make sure that you have HotSync'd/backed up your data as the ROM update will erase everything. Also make sure to read the directions provided by PalmOne.

    You will need to following utilities to extract and install the ROM:

    • unzip
    • cabextract
    • unshield
    • pilot-link

    Those are also the names of the Debian (unstable) packages I have installed. They may be different for other distros, and I leave that as an exercise for the user to figure out where to get them.

    Bolded text with a dollar sign ($) signify a command to run.

    1. Download the ROM Updater from PalmOne's Sprint PCS Treo 650 support site
    2. Unzip the downloaded file: $ unzip
    3. Extract the files from the exe file: $ cabextract Treo_650_Updater_1_08.exe
    4. $ cd Disk1
    5. Extract the files from the InstallShield cabinet file: $ unshield x
    6. $ cd AceUpdate
    7. HoySync the files to the Treo 650: $ pilot-xfer -i *

    Note that pilot-xfer may require other options depending on what device you are syncing over. I successfully HotSync'd all of the ROM update files via Bluetooth.

    The Treo 650 will immediately run the ROM Updater after the HotSync is completed. It looks like the updater tries to initiate a HotSync. I did not have my Treo 650 hooked up via USB, so I think it just timed out and continued. The process took around ten minutes or so to complete. Again, it looks to attempt to initiate another HotSync, but I just let it keep doing whatever. When it has completed, it should reset itself. Mine reset itself twice, and that makes sense based on previous hard resets.

    Afterwards you can HotSync all of your data back to your Treo 650, and you should be good to go. Since the upgrade, I have not had one reset, so I'm fairly pleased so far. Haven't done too much voice quality, volume, or Bluetooth testing yet, but hopefully they have been improved.

    Good luck, and I hope this helps you fellow Linux/*BSD users.

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    good Intro.

    just same as my think, according to p1's updater guide on MAC, manually Hotsync these prc files to treo, it is all thing done by official updater, heh
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    I can't give you more a more detailed account, cause my Dad did it while I was at work. What he did was download the Mac version of the upgrade in .sit format and found a way to unpackage it. When I got home, all I had to do was cd into the directory it was all unpackaged into and do a:

    $pilot-xfer -i *

    Worked like a champ

    So it seems that doing it from the window's .exe or the mac .sit format doesn't matter, as long as you have all the files in their .prc, .pdb, ect format, and manually install them directly to your palm.

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