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    Anyone know where I can find this??..I have lost the CD and it's not available for download on palmones web site. Any suggestions
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    I need it too, in fact i've never hotsynced it to the computer because I never had the software, I beamed everything over from my 600 before I sold it Can someone please email the exe to PLEASE?!

    Thanks in advance
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    I got my cingular treo 650 in first week of March. I used the phone and palm preinstalled rom software for a few days (bug testing) and everything seems fine(no automatic resets). I was ready to install HotSync plus additional software, but there was a crack in my install CD (which I didn't touch and left in the original package).

    I could not get to use the CD. I called palmone to get a replacement for my damage disc. I was told it will be shipped to me. After 10th day, I called back and gave my service number, and I wanted to know when my CD will be shipped, I was told in about a week. Frustrated, I waited exactly a week, and no disc in mail box. I called palmone and they said the warehouse is shipping the CD March 30th (another whole week)...which means I will not get until first week of April(God willing). Seems each time I call, PalmOne delays my disc for a week. I *****ed saying my 30 day trial period is ending soon, and the operator said she'll get her supervisor to look into the matter. I am reluctant to call because I seem to jinx myself by delaying my CD shippment for a week. Nightmare service for top-of-the-line PalmOne product (I can't complain too much 'cause I got on the promo for a cheap $79.00 tero650). Thanx for letting me vent.

    knock on wood...
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    Once again....
    It isn't available for download unless you are or you register as a Palm Developer here:
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    I took "millerhifi" suggestion and I registered at Palmone's - Palm Developer site (for free) to get my CD off the internet .

    After navigating a bit on the website- I found the "Palm Desktop for Treo 650 Device - PC " download section for Cingular. However, I was given two download options for the Cingular Palm Desktop, and I don't know which one to install?
    both were 180MB a piece

    What is the difference between the BUS_09 or the CON_13 versions (my guess is BUS-Business and CON-Consumer)? Do I install BUS or CON? Why does the Sprint version only has one Palm Desktop download?

    Sidenote-I could not use my default web browser Mozilla Firefox to download, I had to open Internet Explorer and then I was able to download.


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