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    So the ROM update is out for Sprint. Has anyone heard any news on availability of the Cingular update, other than 'Later this year....' on P1's site?
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    It can't be soon enough...I check everyday.
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    I just heard that Cingular will be releasing a Treo 650 update May 5th. This will address mainly the memory issue but I do understand that it is possible that some of the Bluetooth issues might be resolved also.

    The beta release has unlocked the DUN but friends of mine that have upgraded to the beta have said that it is still not working right!!!

    DUN would be great but I would really love to have my memory back!!!

    Look for it soon!!!

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    Anyoine know what the difference in the included apps are betwenn the ATTWS/Cingular ROM and the Unlocked PalmOne version? I saw someone mention that if you load the PalmOne ROM you lose World Clock. Is there anything else I'd lose? Are there any applications in the PalOne ROM that are not in the Cingluar phone?

    Also, Is there a way to back up the original ROM before loading a new version so I can go back if for some reason I don't like something?
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    Does anyone know if the phone (earpiece and bluetooth) will be louder in this one?


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