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    I want to create a "Favorites" tab with my most-used programs. Any way to do that? You can do a tab with all your programs -- but that's way too many and you can't then remove them selectively (so far as I can tell).

    Thanks in advance if you know the answer.
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    Sure you can! Just take your stylus and drag the app icon to the folder tab that you want it to be in.
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    If you run the application from the SD card, you can create an in-ram shortcut and the two items can be in different tabs. I think that I remember there being a way to manually create a similar alias construct for in-ram apps, but it escapes me now.
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    Drag the app icon to the card gagdet twice.
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    This didn't work, sorry. You can create a shortcut ONLY for an icon that is on the SD card (one is created when you initially move the app to the SD, but you can keep creating while it is on the SD). As far as I can tell, as soon as the program is in ROM, there is no shortcut possibility, and all old ones go away.
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    Look for an app called Alias (I think). it let's you create a second icon for an app with a new name. So you could create an alias for Contacts called Contact, for example.
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