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    Has anybody running GL done the Sprint update? Did it back up GL and reinstall (as the instructions claim it will for all applications) it or did you have to do a reprovision? Regardless, how is the update?
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    Don't know, but will have the answer soon! I generally back-up Goodlink onto my SD card before I do anything major, so I can always re-install it remotely if something goes south.
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    Can you back up GL to an SD card, do a hard reset, and then reinstall it yourself without the administrator reprovisioning it? How?
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    Well, I think I successfully finished the process. My phone has version 1.08, GL has been reinstalled, and everything works! Oddly enough, I don't have a whole lot of extra memory as a result of the update, so it may be that the GL files were fairly memory efficient to begin with.

    If you go to the PalmOne site and look at the instructions for the updater, there are special instructions for GL users (great), but I found them either confusing or incorrect (not so great). Between those instructions and my fiddling, here basically what happens (note that I use a Mac):

    -I backed up GL to the SD card (under GL Preferences). Take the SD card out.
    -You do a hard reset
    -You sync with your computer using a temp user name (this is to clear out memory, since the update needs 11MB, and there wasn't enough after installing GL)
    -You download and install the update files (for a Mac, a total of 35 different files). The instructions on the PalmOne site for this process weren't correct, at least for me, but I just dragged the files onto the "Install Files" icon. Would be different for a PC, I guess.
    -You sync to load up the update files, and then the Treo updates.
    -(The PalmOne instructions then have you delete a bunch of files from the "BackUp" folder, which I think is completely irrelevant, since I just deleted the temp user.)
    -Here things get tricky. The PalmOne instructions tell you to sync again, but selecting your old user name. (Mind you, they don't tell you sync at the start of the process with your new user name, which was the first clue to me that this wasn't going to work well.) I did that, and it loaded up GL, but in a way that I somehow required much more to get GL to work (like the administrator). At this point, I figured I'd go to plan B.
    -Instead, I just did a hard reset, inserted the SD card which immediately prompted me whether I wanted to reinstall GL, hit "yes" and I was good to go.
    -Here's the potential issue. I have a very "clean" Treo other than GL, so I plan to just resync it using a completely "clean" user file on my mac, and just reinstall the one or two utilities that I use on the phone other than GL. If you don't have a "clean" Treo, this method probably isn't going to work absent some tedious reinstalls and potentially lost data.

    Hope this helps. I can work, but maybe I just got lucky. Good Luck!

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