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    The update is great its a shame we had to wait 5-6 months for it though. I went from 7.7mb free to 14.3 mb free. I got to put back a bunch a stuff that was running off the card. It is nice to be able to sync again without having to move splashmoney and pockettvbrowser files back to ram before syncing. Splashmoney used to take 14secs to load from the card with powerrun so I basically didn't even want to use splashmoney because of that. Something I noticed is I think Palm did something to the battery life as well. The last few days I left work with about 20% more battery not doing anything differently. Sound quality is slightly better but I don't think I had the sound quality problem that many had.
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    is there a GSM unlocked ROM update?
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    ^ Not yet. No given release date. Probably in the works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ceb
    You sound like a whiny ambulance chaser that didn't get his way. Please let us know what type of law you practice so we can stay far away from you.

    You are the type of lawyer that gives the profession a bad name - you seem hotheaded, arrogant and not too bright.

    That said, why don't you just reinstall windows on your computer and quit whining.....

    I don't understand where you get the notion that I am hotheaded when PalmOne screwed up my computer and fails to make good on it. You're jealous, get over it. You make a lot of assumptions about me and calling me an ambulance chaser. You obviously have no understanding what an ambulance chaser is, either. I represent children in family court as my primary practice. Most of my clients have a higher intelligence quotient than yours so I doubt you will have the understanding to grasp the gravity of what I do day in and day out. Some of us "ambulance chasers" practive law for a living, but the profession is not entriely about making money. So, take your high school graduate self and return to your mother's basement. You my friend, are the incredible hulk of envy. I guess you're right, I am not too bright, but what I do every day positively effects the lives of others. How many bar exams have you passed, crackhead?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nicegoogly
    No need for personal attacks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Otter Emperor
    How many times can you possibly say the same thing.

    We get it.
    We know your OPINION.
    We are all very happy you have an OPINION, because it proves you have some value in our society.
    We usually don't need to be reminded several times a day what your OPINION is.
    My guess is you don't have the strength to resist responding to this.

    But if you do, great!......Please, move on to another topic.

    Thanks! Have a great weekend!
    Thanks for the kind post, it's quite a change from the die-hard fanboy replys I usually get around here, I would suggest you take your own advice and not remind us everyday of your OPINION.

    Have a great weekend aswell!


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    Quote Originally Posted by nicegoogly
    I don't understand where you get the notion that I am hotheaded when PalmOne screwed up my computer and fails to make good on it.
    You still haven't answered why you won't just try re-installing Windoze.

    Quote Originally Posted by nicegoogly
    How many bar exams have you passed, crackhead?
    It doesn't matter if you are Mother Theresa's lawyer... acting like a d1ck isn't going to prove your point or convince anybody that lawyers are misunderstood saints.
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    what update are we talking about?
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    and where can I get it? Thanx.
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    Do a google for "goatse".

    Or try searching thru the forums here, there are like 15 threads about it.
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    A few days w/ the Update and I'm willing to agree - it's Amazing.

    I realize since I last posted this thread has been hijaked into a different discussion, but despite all of the different opinions here, (and they are all welcome - makes for good reading), it's just nice to see Palm really support this product most of us love so much.

    about 5 mb back - BT finally works - No resets since - moved my apps off the card, back to the phone. Dumped Z-launcher. Sound Quality much improved.
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    mark, I was defending myself. I believe I was called an ambulance chaser, "not too bright" and a personal attack on me in general that essentially consisted of me being corrupt.

    Maybe you should pass something along to srlondon for using the word "****". And to answer your question srlondon (who obviously didn't read my other posts: I tried the repair option and it didn't work. It is NOT a windows error.) I spent two weeks getting my laptop exactly the way I wanted it, to reformat and re-install "windoze" I simply do not have the time for. Additionally, I already said in other posts, I am not out to convince anyone that lawyers are saints, but to think that they do absolutely no good is very ill-informed. Did you go to jail? Did you lose lawsuit? Is that why you are so hurt? It was lawyers who won Brown v. Board of Education. It was lawyers who argued in Fallwell v. Flint, New York Times vs. Sullivan, Miranda v. Arizona, Mapp v. Ohio, Wade, Rosario, Brady....all these very well-known (I mention these as I am sure the general public is aware of these cases) were argued by attorneys. These cases resulted in the safeguarding of your constitutional rights. Prosecutors are attorneys, too. Do you hate them when they put away people like Scott Peterson, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy? Making blankent statements about any profession is indicative of jealousy and ignorance.
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    I have been a persistent Treo fan (300->600->650) with a rather large number contacts (over 3000) and modest number of applications. The transistion to the 650 was traumatic .. initially everything I was using would NOT fit in memory and it was only with discovering ZLauncher that I was able to restrain myself from not sending the phone back ... (multiple resets daily, several phones replaces by Sprint, never more than 1 MB of memory free even when all my apps but ZLauncher moved to SD card, etc ... ).

    In the last hours since the update I have had NO resets, the available memory went from about 1 MB to 11MB!!!!!!!!

    I am pleased ... but cautious. I was fairly certain that many of the resets were secondary artifacts of a very bad memory problem which I believe now alleviated (but perhaps still latent) by the changes to nonvolatile memory storage algorithms.

    palmOne is still at fault for releasing this product WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY too early ..

    Sadly .. it is still a product with enormous utility ..

    When it works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KenB
    palmOne is still at fault for releasing this product WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY too early ..

    Sadly .. it is still a product with enormous utility ..

    When it works.
    AMEN to that, Bruthah!
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    But if it was released too early, then why are so many people happy they got it even before the patch?

    Market says, they were right on time!
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    ^^ Lmao
    "They say my ghetto instrumental detrimental to kids, as if they can't see the misery in which they live." Krazy -Tupac Shakur

    "Should we cry when the pope die? My request, we should cry if they cried when we buried Malcom X." Blasphemy - Tupac Shakur
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    I know many of us moan and groan about a product that was not tested properly before release, especially me, but any of us that have had smartphones in the past know that the bugginess of the unit has not been nearly as bad as other phones. I never had a treo prior to the 600, but I found the Treo 600 to be the most stable smartphone I ever used. Never a soft reset or a hard reset. The I-300 and I-330 would hard reset by themselves two or three times a day making the device utterly useless. The I-500 was very stable, but limited in memory and had an older Palm OS which never made sense as the phone was release after the Treo 600, I think. Has anyone been suffering from a need to reset the connection between the phone and your Bluetooth Headset? Other than the reset twice after the update, I have not had a single spontaneous soft reset since. Make no mistake, I love this phone, it still outperforms many devices out there. Customer support parallel's Dell's outsourcing ineptitude. They are the worst I have dealt with, but just about every company is outsourcing and/or has terrible support. I don't even think Samsung had a dedicated support line for their phones, let alone patches and updates for the phones. One of the main reasons I can't say this patch is amazing is the Bluetooth screwup. They fixed the sound but now they have made what was a reliable connection very crappy. The static issues still remain, but that is going to happen with Bluetooth 1.1. To call this update amazing is being a little too ecstatic over necessary fixes for the phone. Does every computer or device work right? No. But I am very happy to see an effort to provide continuing support for this device and some sort of dedication to making it work the way it was intended. Amazed? No. Very happy with some of the fixes? Absolutely. I hope the next patch brings back the more reliable Bluetooth connection. Not all headsets have been effected by it, I know that the Motorolas and the Jabras have from what I have been reading on this thread and other threads. Anyone pay for vdial and love it? Just curious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoufSidah09
    ^^ Lmao
    palmOne revenue up 18% Year-Over-Year

    The facts are what they are.

    If you can release a product that ups your year over year revenue and boost your stock price, then the market was ready for it.

    It would have been released "too soon" if there were so many upset customers and returns that it received low reviews and as a result the company saw low earnings.

    Tech reviews for the T650 were great and it is selling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joebar
    Do a google for "goatse".


    Too much!
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    Wow it sounds like it may actually be safe to purchase this phone now. I'm still going to wait a little bit until I hear feed back from developers and if they are able to get their software to function properly.
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