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    I am using Outlook as my PIM. Does anyone know of a good program to import holidays into my calandar?

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    Outlook has Holidays already. If they're not installed, you can get them by going to Tools, Options, Calendar Options. From there you should be able to import holidays from the US (and other places if desired). Once they're in Outlook they will sync over to the Visor (assuming you've installed and configured PocketMirror, available on the Handspring CD). If you're using the Palm Desktop, I know I've seen some holiday lists available over at PalmGear.
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    Yea, just go to palmgear and search for "holiday". I just got one called (aptly) US holidays. Be careful to get one that describes which holidays are included. I got one previously that had many non-US and/or religious holidays that I just didn't need.
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    AWSOME! Thanks guys.

    I'm really glad I asked.

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