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    Have Verizon Wireless, is there any way to get the 650 to work since they arent supporting it?
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    I will answer first, so others don't yell at you. Yes, there is.

    Go to the CDMA (Sprint/Verizon) forum and read there. There is more info on this than you will know what to do with. Alternatively, use the "search" function. Welcome to TreoCentral, where some are nice to new users!
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    I'd also point out that there's a *lot* of murmuring that VZW is close to doing something with the T650. Unfortunately it's *only* rumour, yet -- VZW is being very cagey about promising it until they've tested the heck out of it, and given all the issues that have arisen with both the other CDMA version (Sprint) and the GSM version, I don't blame them.

    The Sprint version just had a major patch released that is supposed to fix a bunch of critical issues, including some significant sound-quality issues. I suspect, but again have no way of knowing for sure, that VZW will be more likely to go ahead with a release knowing those issues are fixed (and, more generally, that P1 is willing to fix things!)

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