I received the Treo Wireles Headset in the mail from PalmOne yesterday.

After all of the horror stories about BT Headsets on this forum I was worried about buying a $75 headset that I have not seen any reviews about... After using it a few times I am more than happy I bought it.

On my first call when I asked if I sounded okay I was told that I sound better than on my Cingular Treo 650!

I was able to put the phone down and walk around the room without any problems. (15 feet or so from the phone.) I have a 802.11b/g wireless network in my house and it did not appear to cause any problems. Unless that was the cuase of the static I got when I got 15 feet away from the phone...

The only problem I had was when I had the phone in my pocket and was laying on my bed in such a way as to put most of my upper body between the handset and headset... even then it was just the occasional static, just like I got when I got too far from the handset.

Considering that this headset comes with a charger that is compatible with the Treo 650 as well as the headset, I find that the cost was well worth it.