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    Having trouble getting my 1 Gig SD card to fill to capacity with MP3s. Whenever it is about 1/2 - 3/4 I receive an error indicating that it cannot write the file because the "path is unknown." When I reformat the SD card on my PC (running Windows XP), the card can be filled to capacity. However, the card can no longer be recognized by the Treo. The problem persists regardless of which SD card I use.

    Treo has told me that this is because of the version of the FAT file system used by the Treo. Evidently the Treo uses the FAT12 file system which stores data in relatively large (16 kilobytes) clusters (a cluster being the smallest amount of space that can ever be allocated on the card). Windows uses a FAT32 file system which stores data in smaller (2 kilobytes) clusters. The result is that if you have a large number of small files (like MP3s), they are stored less efficiently (and will occupy more space) on a card using FAT12 than a card using FAT32. The problem is that at present the 650 does not support FAT32 (and will not read cards formatted using FAT32). Which still leaves me with the problem.

    Has anyone experinced a similar problem? If so, is there a known work-around?

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    The new ROM updater may solve your problem. See the threads in the Treo 650 forum.
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