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    Quote Originally Posted by diamondsw
    Just to chime in...

    After restoring all of your files (using stock Backup, anyway) you may have a lot more on your Treo than you were expecting!
    Which is why users should just simply "rename" the backup folder.
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    I did the update, but at the end of both the synch back and synch "reinstall" I got "Invalid Volume" message ... the install of the updater seemed to go ok, but I had to reinstall from my SD card to go back to normal.

    What is an "Invalid Volume" message anyway?
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    Headset update..I have a Sony HBH 660 which didn't work after update. I re-paired it several times with no luck. I actually had to follow the instructions for pairing it with a NEW PHONE.. That worked. Once it paired up and i entered the code, it worked fine. I guess with the firmware upgrade, it sees it as a new phone and needs the complete set up again.
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    Completed my upgrade no probs, went from 17.7 to 19.8. Thanks for all the heads up about the upgrade
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    Um..why do I need a FULL battery PLUS being plugged into the charger in order to update?
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    Dansamy I guess they don't want to take a chance on someone's treo dying during the upgade. That would be a disaster....Better to be safe than sorry I guess.
    life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans...
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    Gezz! How long does the update take?
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    my feedback: went from 6.6MB free to 11.8
    VeriChat had to be reinstalled (was causing soft reset)
    Dir Assist also causing soft reset (just ditched it since i had Handmark Express)
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    Quote Originally Posted by dansamy
    Gezz! How long does the update take?
    Mine took about 20 minutes. Believe me, you don't want the treo losing power during a rom update. I could cause some damage..
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    Well i just did my update. I hotsynced, then hard reset, then made a new profile ID name, did the updater, hard reset, then resynced to my original ID name.

    Worked like a charm. took about 10 min total

    I went from 2mb to 7mb, Also the speaker phone is alooot louder and clearer no cutting out or choppyness. Also no background noise, Much better than the original faisal patch. I had the real P1 patch not shadowmite rom. So far so good. I wish i had my hbh660 but it took a crap on me last week. Sent it back to dans and getting a new one(WTG Dans with his cust service. It couldnt be better!)

    Anyhow all in all im liking my treo alot more now!

    Thank you PALM1 !!!
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    No problems. 12.8MB>16MB. Botzam restored all.
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    wow i can't believe the memory i gained, from 4mb up to 11. crazy.
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    My turn

    All PDA functions 100%, no data loss (SplashID OK too). Program launching seems quicker. Have not tested phone functions.

    Memory change: 1M to 12M! (Note 1M is not normal operating memory status. I let the ghost PIM DBs stay on for a normalized comparison)

    Program/File Was/Is
    Calendar-DB 2235/624
    Datebook 2053/172
    Agendus 1582/1280
    Megacalc 1155/467
    pTunes 842/629
    Contacts 741/264
    Address 695/59
    Megaclock 735/607
    ZLauncher 596/453
    DTG 464/354
    SplashID 390/335
    SplashShop 443/337
    SplashPhoto 386/331
    Chatter 378/324

    Biggest gains seem to be in user data...particularly the ghosts!

    I am extremely pleased!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Franko515
    everything went cool, (i had to renstall ringo it said i didnt have an mp3 player) (lost reg to z launcher)

    went from 13.1 to 16.8

    i bought z launcher from sprint so it went directly to my phone(no code)
    am i not able to make the upgrade free?(oh yeah once i bought it i upgraded)
    any help will be welcome

    THANKS in advance

    You have two options. 1) Go back on vision to My Content Manager and redownload ZLauncher from there and/or 2) send an e-mail to ZZTech's requesting a registration code. They got mine to me in a few days. It was nice using my Vision download credit to get ZLauncher for a cool $2...
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    OK did the update, took a lil' bit long cause I had the App Crash. Heads up, delete it first, all loops if not. Well everything went well, started with 6MB, now 16MB. So far so good......
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    WOW! Went from 11.4 to 17.6 MB. Definitely pleased with that. Programs load quicker and all data and programs were restored perfectly. Sound quality is great. Beautiful!
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    It worked perfect in 15 minutes, I gained 5 megs

    I renamed the backup folder to "hope this works", hard reset my phone, synced, downloaded the update, synched the update without changing my username, it ran it 10 minutes, It reset, looped 2 times, came on, I deleted the backup folder the sync created, renamed "hope this works" back to "backup", synced again everything is perfect,

    but man I was realy hoping somehow magicaly the slow call connect would get fixed
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    Worked great for me.

    -I backed up to my card using BackupBuddyVFS Pro.
    -Followed shadowmite's instruction to restore to original ROM (I did do the CDMA stuff). I used Card Export II for the first time to do this...what a slick little app! I renamed the Palm directory on my card to Palm1 before copying the two directories to the card for the restore.
    -Hard reset after restoring to original ROM
    -Sync'd to establish a new ID...I chose "dummy".
    -Ran the new update, following all instructions
    -Installed Card Export II
    -Deleted the directories I put on the card when restoring to the original ROM, and renamed Palm1 back to Palm
    -Hard Reset (for good measure)
    -Restored from card with BB
    -Sync'd (automatically back to correct ID because of BBVFS restore)

    All apps are GO. (No crashes with DA or Verichat, can make todos in Datebk5, etc.) I gained about 5.5MB. Pocketunes sounds more distortion at full volume.

    Now to call someone and check the voice quality. I should probably not do that at 2 in the morning though.
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    HOLY S....!!!
    Nobody is going to believe this but apparently the bigger the waste before, the better the efficiency now! I have a database that I have been lugging around an old palm for because it simply wouldn't fit on the 650 now it fits and them some.

    Here are the stats...
    this program has 24,700 records
    Palm m515 2.4meg (was the same size on my 600 as well)
    Treo 650 (pre update) 16.2 Meg (absolutely unusable
    Treo 650 (after update) 2.8meg

    Call me what you will, but that is the gods honest truth!
    I never thought they would get it done, but damnit P1 deserves some credit!
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    I've gained almost 5MB and everything seems to be working just fine, but for some reason VeriChat doesn't want to connect? WTF is going on? Anyway, the sound seems to be loauder on my BT headset and loading time from the card seems to be way faster too. This is a great update. KUDDOS PALM ONE!!!! YOU GOT IT RIGHT THIS TIME.!!!


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