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    Quote Originally Posted by mattyparanoid
    My update to 1.08 went pretty well. Considering I am away on business, away from my home pc I am just pleased that I didn't end up with a paperweight. Some observations on my machine.

    - Backed up, HotSynced, Hard reset and created an install HSID.
    - Update went fine, no glitches, hiccups or anomalies.
    - Restored via a normal HS to my original HSID instead of BackupBuddyVFS.
    - Memory increased from 7.4 to 15.4 Meg free.
    - Lost my custom ringtones. (no problem, I have them on SD)
    - Several programs did not come back which could explain my large memory
    gain (besides the normal gain from the NVFS tweak)
    - Programs which did not return: Win-Hand (but considering the recent
    update, not too worried), Crash-Pro and PDANet. Could be others, I am still
    messin around with it.
    - LauncherX would crash after the restore. I am used to this from previous
    Palms, I had to delete the LauncherXDB file and restore all my settings from
    - My wife says the phone sounds the same, tried her three different times.
    Take that at face value, she was too busy swooning over Constantine on
    American Idol...

    Thats all I can think of for now, but I am sure there is more. Off to mess around with it some more...

    lol matty.. you should try calling another Treo user and try talking over each other... that's how you can really tell if things are better. You should both be able to talk/hear at the same time now, (like a decent full duplex should be) as well as any other phone user. Before, I'd have to wait for the other person to finish what they were saying before I could even TRY to get a word in.
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    For users with less than 11 megs internal i see some have laid out steps, with the obvious steps not stated, but they are not obvious to all, so let me see if i have it strait

    1) hot sync to makesure you backup folder is current
    2) rename you backup folder
    3) hard reset the phone
    4) download the update
    5) sync using a temp user name installing the update
    6) hard reset the phone again?
    7) rename backup folder to original username
    8) sync using original username
    9) go in and delete bogus username from palm desk top

    And hey Bekktek where are you in Missouri, Im in KCK
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Chunk
    You obviously didn't search the front page of
    Sorry, must've gotten the wording wrong. I was referring to this post by evil ghost:

    "For Custom Rom Users, the CDMA stuff is not necessary. You only need to do the "rev cvt2/ace" commands"

    What does he mean by "the CDMA stuff"?
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    Praying "so far so good 1/2 finished"
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    upgrade went off pretty well...After restoring with shadow's orig restore rom, I ran the update. Only weird glitch was having to have to re-insert registration codes for my Pocket Lingo app. I really can't call anyone since it's so late so I'll test phone call quality tomorrow...
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    went fine here went from 13.1 to 16.8
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    Oh...I forgot to mention I went from 12.2 to 16.8 free..
    life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans...
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    After following the instructions verbatim, the update hung midstream. I waited an hour to see if it would complete, then soft reset the device to clear it. It returned to a screen referring to the backup process and stuck again. After waiting another hour to see if anything would happen, I hard reset to regain control. It comes up after a lengthy network search but does not restore the phone functions... in fact now there is a red T to the right of the geolocation icon. This upgrade has been a disaster, and I suspect the phone will have to be replaced.
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    Yes , went from 12.1 to 15.4 a gain of 3.3mgs,
    So far so good.
    Haven't tried the speaker or voice quality yet I talk to my friend tomorrow who always say I have he worst sounding phone he has ever heard.

    Thanks for this board..
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    Everything went ok. Treo now has 10.9 megs vs. 5.1 before. One problem. SplashID database is gone, and when I try to exit out of it (whether I hit "home" key or "green" phone key, the phone resets. ARGH! Help. My life was in that program and I don't see where it backs up on my PC. Overall I;m pleased, but I NEED Splash back!
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    update went fine for me...but anyone noticing a slight delay switching between phone, calendar, messaging, etc.? even pressing the green phone button to wake up the phone takes longer. i was really really hoping they had made the phone a little more responsive (before the update, my (hold a letter down) shortcuts took forever). no improvement with 1.08 and now its noticeably slower in other areas. any suggestions?
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    No problem whatsoever on 2 treo 650s. Memory gain of about 3-4 MBs. Brother said that I sounded better.

    Thanks, P1.
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    Prelim: it went well. 4M increase in space. Bluetooth headset (Motorola HS810) much better now. No speed issues. DUN hack works. Still delay when dialing. Next project: get rid of VersaMail, Quick Tour, Downloads, Get BC, et al. in the spirit of Shadowmite.
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    Hmm....I discovered I can't seem to get the Sony HBH 660 to hook up to phone. I can get it to pair again but I can't hear anything on headset. Anyone have any similar probs?
    life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans...
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    My HBH-660 works great after the update. Seems louder but I'll try it again tomorrow. Just re-pair it by going into Bluetooth on the palm and telling it to search for devices again (the first time I entered the code for it, it didn't work).
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    JW I tried that. I re-paired the device and entered the right code but still no joy..I'll try it again tho.
    life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans...
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    Well, after three hours I have it installed.
    I had 13 megs free going into this.
    I HotSynched, soft reset and ran the installer. At the end I got a general error 0x 10060380 and it told me to contact customer service if I got the error again.
    I went back to the installer and this time after the synch was over, the phone went into a series of constant resets.
    I did a hard reset and started from the beginning. HotSynch, installer, the ROM took and now it seems to be stable.

    17.4 free now
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    I gained only 1.9mb. From 11 to 12.9 since I had Voicedial in ROM which now takes 1.4MB of RAM.
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    Backed up first using BBP, renamed "palm" folder on card, flashed back to original from SM rom #3, Ran 1.08 update. Renamed "backup" folder in "Palmone" directory on hard disk. Synched with "New ID" account. Restored with original ID, gained about 5mb (from 11.9 to 17.0). All is well no resets so far, tested my new scala 500 I bought earlier today. (38.00 from J&R and am quite impressed so far, almost got the HH-660). Sound is clearer as far as I cand my girlfriend can tell. I'm a happy camper thus far, and ALL apps are good to G O
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    Just to chime in...

    I followed the instructions to the letter - I'm not going to mess around when my Treo's firmware is at stake. That said, everything went smoothly. I haven't noticed anything major different yet, but my memory use did go from 11MB free to 15MB free - not bad.

    One thing to note is that when you delete programs on your Treo, the Palm Desktop does NOT delete them from your backup. After restoring all of your files (using stock Backup, anyway) you may have a lot more on your Treo than you were expecting!
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