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    Dear all,

    I installed PDANet on my Treo 600 and use it together with my Notebook (Win XP, SP2). Unfortunately it crashes my Treo :-( Randomly (usually after about 10k of transmitted bytes) it stops completely. My Treo is not responding any longer and nothing except form a reset can revive my Treo anymore.
    Reinstalling it once helped for a short time then it started again.

    What do you think? Is there any hint to avoid this?

    Thanks a lot!


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    What you described is normal behavior with Pdanet. When it crashes heavily, it takes the Treo AND computer with it. You have to hard (warm) reboot your computer and Treo to resolve the problem.

    I imagine JuneFabric is aware of this but I've never seen anywhere that they acknowledge it, are testing for a solution, or have plans to fix it.

    The only thing you can do is
    (1) contact JuneFabrics about this. Maybe if they get enough complaints they'll actually do something about it.
    (2) make sure you have the latest version. Go to their site.
    (3) keep the stylus handy for those times when you'll have to reset the Treo. And you will.
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    Thanks for your efforts :-)

    Unfortunately it is getting worse and worse: Now I can't even recieve a single email... (And on the Treo Mail and Web works just fine). Do you think it is a problem of the Treo, my XP installation or PDANet?

    Anyone any tipps? Would be really nice...

    Thanks a lot,

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    saddly, their driver is just abhorrid, my laptop runs like a dream until I put that driver on my computer. Azazello is right, the driver crashes the computer so that you have to reset and the software on the treo chokes when this happens requiring it to be reset as well.
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    My notebook is just fine can't complain about this (guess I'm lucky) but the Treo 600 crashes (does not react any longer). Sometimes I even have to do 2 resets: Wireless can't be switched on after one only :-(
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    Did a hard reset. Seemed to solve the problem for the moment. Hope that's it. Thank you all guys :-)
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    Some more about that topic:

    - PDANet still crashes every once in a while.
    - Deinstaling CardExport seemed to help a bit (but I'm not 100% sure if this is the real reason)
    - PC seems to loose connction to the Treo every few minutes ('unplugged hardware' sound of XP) then reconnects again to it ('plugged hardware' sound)
    - If PDANet crashes it is during this short 'offline' period.

    Any other experiences? Confirmations?


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