I picked this pouch because it looked good for headset use. After having it for a week, it's working out great, but it isn't quite perfect (I am a bit of a perfectionist).

The pouch lets you put the phone in four different ways: antenna on the top front, bottom front, top rear, or bottom rear. The nice thing about the two positions where the antenna is on the top is that if you are on the headset, you can take the phone out or put it into the pouch, while keeping the headset plugged in. Very few cases allow you to do this. You can also access the volume buttons only by opening the pouch.

And if you use treohelper to enable dialing your favorite number via the headset button, you probably know that the phone has to be on. You can (barely) reach the top button and turn on the phone while it is in the pouch (on my Verizon Treo 600, it will dial without having to disable the keygaurd, your milage may vary).

You can also pull out the stylus while it is in the pouch, although that's not very useful unless you have one of those pen/stylus combos (which I just bought also, works fine, a bit more snug than the original stylus). And if you struggle enough you can switch to vibrate mode, but it isn't really designed for this, so it is easier to just open the pouch, rotate the top out, and then back in.

You can't access the charger/usb port while it is in the pouch. But that's not a feature I wanted anyway.

The case is snug enough that I've had it pop out the SD card - of course the case itself keeps it safe from falling out, but you have to be aware of that when you remove it from the pouch. I use CardKeeper, so I don't really sweat it.

The clip could be a bit stronger - it will twist off of your belt if you push it on enough. It's also pretty much just a belt clip, and not a good clip for any other situations (since the clip is removable, it would be great if there was an option to attach a different style clip also - are you listening Bellagio?). The clip does easily and securely attach to and detach from the case.

Also, there are no holes in the case where the speaker is. It can be hard to hear the ring in the case in noisy environments. To be fair, this would not be easy since the phone can be in any one of four orientations. But I think I might punch my own holes in the case in my favorite position.

Bottom line - it's great if you like to use a headset. And a good, easy to use case if you just want something to hold your treo. The clip is probably the weakest link on this case.

the crusher