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    Just got this in e-mail:
    Cradle Kit for Treo 650
    This three-in-one kit includes a cradle, cable and 110-240 volt charger with international adapters.
    $59.99 Learn More

    Also a few new items I didn't know were available:
    Battery for Treo 650
    No time to relax and recharge? Carry a spare.
    Learn More
    Hybrid Headset/Headphones
    Consolidate -- with this combination mobile headset and stereo headphones for your Treo™ 650 smartphone.
    Palm Pilot 1000 -> Sprint TP-3000 -> Treo 300 -> Treo 650
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    Did you know all that stuff was available?
    Palm Pilot 1000 -> Sprint TP-3000 -> Treo 300 -> Treo 650
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    Yes - it's been on the Palm web site for a long time. I've had my cradle for at least two weeks if not longer.

    Guess you missed out on the $49.99 special on the battery.
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    got mine a few weeks ago (cradle). had battery since 1/13/05
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treolo

    I do not think that this kind of post is needed or constructive...


    These accessories have been out for some time now.....but if you haven't seen them then I guess they are new to you

    If you are a ebayer, you can get some pretty good deals on treo stuff here:

    I bought a leather case, a car charger and a spare battery, all for under $50 bucks total.
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