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    I searched and couldn't find anyone else posting about this problem, so I figured I would post my own thread about it.

    I just got my 650 GSM Unlocked from Vienna Channels and it charges fine if I plug the power cable right into the Treo, but if I plug the power into the sync and then the sync into the treo, it will start charging for a moment then stop, if I play with it a bit it will start charging again and continue to charge as long as I hold the device (begging for attention much?!) if I put it down, it stops charging... heh..

    The problem seems to be in the power -> sync connection, rather than the sync -> treo connection. Any thoughts?
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    Seems like you have a bad connection there. I'd contact ViennaChannels for a replacement sync cable and see if they can deal with it or refer you to palmOne directly.

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