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    I just found this, I know nothing about it, I downloaded and I am going to test it myself.
    Treoing & Loving it
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    did it work with the 650?
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    Anyone tried this?
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    Can you post the files that you downloaded? I tried to download from that site, but I get an error saying that the zipped file is invalid or corrupted! Whats up with that? Thanks.
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    I've installed it but it says that I'm missing a USBport.dll from my Palm directory.

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    i emailed them to cehck compatibility of that and Lightspeed
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    Can anybody upload this file from a ClieDesktop folder under Palm?


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    Why would you use a $600 dollar phone as a $20 webcam ?
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    Never mind the app doesn't work on the Treo. It needs to be updated. Now, I don't think I can bring a webcam to work. It would just look very unprofessional, but my Treo can work as a webcam and nobody will say anything if I don't say anything either.. LOL.
    Just in case you are chatting with an old friend or something like that.

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    Gotcha...slackin it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlbrummels
    Why would you use a $600 dollar phone as a $20 webcam ?
    DL, b/c that would be one more thing the Treo could do to make life easier...I've already programmed it to pick out my clothes in the morning and do my dishes via blue tooth
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    Ive been using the P-Webcam on my 600 with great results for the last year ish.
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    I emailed about Treo 650 compatibility on March 23.
    They emailed back (quote):
    "The next version which supports the treo 650 will be available shortly"
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    I guess "shortly" is a pretty relative term.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rawksteadi
    I guess "shortly" is a pretty relative term.
    Yeah...I sent them email a little while ago and didn't even hear back. Why would it work on the 600 but NOT the 650?

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    Could You send me a copy of that matthew? I have a hard time doing dishes... It would help alot!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Atif
    Yeah...I sent them email a little while ago and didn't even hear back. Why would it work on the 600 but NOT the 650?

    Just got the following:

    Hi Atif,

    Treo 650 support is available in the 2.0 version which is expected to be
    released soon.

    Best regards,

    Whatever "soon" means. What I don't get is that given:
    1) It probably isn't that hard to upgrade the program to work on the 650
    2) The potential huge market of 650 owners

    Why they aren't pushing to get this done ASAP!

    For any Treo 600 people who use this...

    Does the mic on the phone work too, or do I need an separate mic to use this for video calls?
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    The new beta version of TeksPhotos let's you ftp shots in timed intervals. It's pretty neat. But I couldn't get my FTP server connected although some other peolple have.
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    I had a Z72 and Palm Webcam worked perfectly. I used it on webconferences at work and the tool was really great as we have a system where you one can set a webconf from anywhere in the company and it was always great to have a webcam at the tip of your fingers.

    Now, it has been nearly a year since the last contact between Atif and ClieVideo. I just wonder that SHORT mean to those guys

    Also tried contact with ClieVideo and had no reply. Really too bad

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