I am determined to get a Treo 600 CDMA phone working on my local Telus network.... I've got a friend with a Sprint Treo 600 which is still locked to sprint... I've got a serial data cable and everything I need to get started... However the only source for "unlocking" a CDMA sprint phone I found was here.

This explains how to change all the settings to unlock the phone to a Verizon network. Now I've got a couple of questions since I'm a newB to this stuff... I'm confused about the multiple parts of "unlocking" a phone.

1) Lets say you bought an unlocked phone off ebay (use this for an example , if you activated that ESN on your network, I assume it should not say it is roaming?

2) Is the PRL file totally in charge of unlocking or locking a phone to a certain network? And are all PRL files from any phones compatible? i.e. could I take a PRL file off my current Telus phone and overwrite it on the Sprint Treo and follow the rest of the instructions from the first link and be home free?