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    Can anyone suggest a program that can import 'old' emails from Outlook? I know DataViz has InBox to Go and Agendus Mail also does this, but InBox to Go has changed to a subscription based program focused on wireless and Agendus Mail caused conflicts with SMS. Both are also rather expensive for my needs. It would be nice if VersaMail could import mail. BTW - I do not use exchange or an IMAP account. I have a Outlook 2003 on my desktop. Thanks.
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    Disable the SMS porion during setup and you are good to go.

    Excellent program - you can upload your Inbox and then use you POP3 account to reply
    I have detailed files.
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    I have tried Agendus Mail without installing the Agendus SMS and I do not receive ANY text messages. I get the notification that a SMS has been received, but it does not show up in the app. I have an email into Iambic to find out what's up. I have also tried installing the 'Inbox hotsync only' with the same results. I will post back once I hear back from Iambic.

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