Well - I've been reading a bunch over the past couple of months - and would like to thank all of you for helping me to "try" and resolve my troubles with the 650.

To make a long story short, I had a 600 for a couple of years - then got rid of it and for a SE P910A. Great device. Excellent hardware (no resets, returns, etc) but the software just never felt as simple as the Treo. Also, it didn't play nicely with my MAC - so I finally "caved" and bought the Treo 650. I was having minor trouble with it - and somehow managed to deal with "support" (yeah, right) in getting a replacement. Boy - was I sorry. I actually called the PalmOne store and asked for my original back. The second one reset every few minutes. No real pattern - just pretty much every function was causing resets. I don't have ANY 3rd party software installed... I tried going through PalmOne - and... get this.... they actually said "Oh, sorry - you're now over 30 days since your purchase - all we can do is send out a "refurb" once we receive yours back". I said "fine - then take this thing back. I am not going to deal with it" - again I was told "sorry, 30 days is up". This included all of the wait time on the original and replacement.. crazy.

Anyways... I called Cingular directly and asked them what to do. They were VERY pleasant to deal with - and immediately sent out a replacement (in advance). Here's where the good news comes in. I've had the replacement for more than a week now - and it works!! I have not had a single reset. None! I am really quite amazed. I don't even think I ever had a Treo 600 go this long without a reset.

The only problem I am still having which I had on all 3 650s is the handling of more than 1 call. I cannot use call waiting on this phone. It may have something to do with the SIM card - I don't know. If I am on a call and another call comes in - and I try to answer the second call, I hear the person - but they don't hear me. I try switching back - nothing. I end up losing both calls. Anyone have this one yet? As I said - it's been on all 3 - so it must be my SIM card.