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    Just wanted to share another option for accessing Exchange, Notes and Groupwise email through the web.

    Hummingbird Mobility, part of Hummingbird Enterprise 2004, allows users of smartphones to access corporate email and documents through the web. Supported operating systems include: PalmSource, Symbian, RIM and Windows CE.

    The Hummingbird Mobility portal interacts with users through ME-Clips. Attached are some screen shots of navigating through to email and a screen shot of a Hummingbird document management library, as seen through a Treo 600.

    New ME-Clips can be easily written to add interactive or read-only content from any data repository, web page or custom application.

    All Mobility screens can be customised and managed through themes, using industry standard web languages.

    Image 1: Logging In
    Image 2: The main screen
    Image 3: A sample Outlook email box
    Image 4: Within the Hummingbird document repository

    If you have any questions, post here or contact Hummingbird through


    Ben Birns
    Support Manager
    Hummingbird AB
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