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    I'll receive my Treo 650 in 1-2 hours. I just wonder if the AC charger in the box is compatible with 220V input.
    What is the input voltage range of the AC charger ?

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    I checked a while back. The answer is yes (at least for the charger that ships with Sprint). I think it read 100-220 volts, 50-60Hz.

    But before you take my word for it, check out your charger. Palm could easily have made changes between production batches.
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    It goes to 240v
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    Actually in my Treo 650 packet there were all 3 kinds of plugs and the charger was 100-240V

    great !
    And this is really a great smartphone

    Only problem is , my Wifi card (PalmOne) does not run on it
    even with Shadowmite's pacth. And he seems to drop this project of patching the driver.

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