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    i am new to treo i am getting a 650 some time this week
    i am looking for a irc app that will let me use ssl and mode +h
    also i have an ftp set up at work i store liek music videos and such on and need an app that i can dl from my server
    and then what size of file can the treo dl
    can it dl a 20-30MB vid file
    everywhere i read it says can dl files but have heard like 2MB limit

    i will have a 1GB card to dl this onto
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    Don't know about irc, but for ftp you can get Ezftp here:
    It's free.
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    thx mate will try it out
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    IRC: upIRC. The only drawback is you can't run this in the background. So the minute you're interrupted by a phone call you're logged out of the irc server.
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    I couldn't get EzFTP to work. Has anyone tried it with a 650??
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    I have EzFTP working on the Treo 650. I don't like it's interface at all and it seems very cumbersome to use. I've also tried Lftp, but that is a basic command-line FTP interface. It seems like there used to be some other options for good FTP on Palm. Anyone know of a Palm app with a nice FTP interface?
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    I use VFS-FTP on my Sprint t650 without a problem. I too download MP3s from my personal FTP server to my phone. SO nice.
  8. #8 is developing an irc app that will run in background.. plus many features that upirc doesn't have.. the app is called ptp & is in beta. u can also visit hosted by phil, the developer of ptp &
    I have used the beta and its coming along great.. will blow away upirc!
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    I use vfsftp as well, I also am playing around with the ptp beta. It will definitely be a much better better IRC app than upIRC.
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