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    I am a new user to both mac and treo 650, trying to set up versamail, instructions on the manual are for window's user, any help is appreciated, thxs
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    Unfortunately there is no mac VersaMail conduit. However, you should be able to configure all of your email accounts through the handheld.

    Although HotSyncing the device will not syncrhonize your mail, it will back up your settings and any messages you downloaded wirelessly.
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    Thanks for the inf, I was able to set up 3 accounts, all receive email ok but unable to send out except for the sprint account, back to the drawing board......., anybody has any suggestions? I have changed the outgoing mail to my provider Bellsouth, no go, tried Sprint, same thing, unable to send email. I am a SprintPcs user.
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    The outgoing mail is an issue with your provider, not the Treo. Using Sprint's SMTP should be fine. As far as synching there is a third-party conduit that will sync VersaMail w/ OS X's Mail. Google AppleMail Conduit.
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    Just a followup: I'm using Mac OS X, and as near as I can tell, there is no way to tell your VersaMail account to use your name when sending messages. As IslandGirl just mentioned, there's no VersaMail conduit, so you can't change any of the settings on your account and the handheld DOES NOT - I repeat DOES NOT - provide any way to enter your name when entering stuff like your POP and SMTP settings.


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