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    I've been trying out the timezone functionality of Datebk5 and am struggling to see how it helps...I've RTFM and get the overall functionality.

    I think my confusion is in how to use timezones when my Treo automatically adjusts its time when I travel.

    Can anyone offer some advice on how they use timezones in Datebk5?
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    My understanding is this helps you in your appointments, conference calls, etc. For example, let's say you live in NYC (ET) and your client is in LA (PT). When both of you set up a conf call for Wednesday 8AM PT, you have to remember to mark your calendar 11AM for yourself if you use the vanilla Datebook. Using timezones with Datebk5, you can set up this appointment for 8AM PT, and it will look up your current time zone and adjust your appointment time automatically. I think this is how it works. This is pretty nifty, actually. As you mentioned, if you travel your Treo will pick the time off the air, but your appointments, reminders, etc. that you have already scheduled will not change. If you use timezones with Datebk5, it should automatically adjust your appointments and reminders.
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    Cadavi is correct but you need t be careful. I just came back from a trip where the time was one hour earlier than my home zone. I entered a new appointment while away and when I returned home Datebook shifted the apointment back an hour, assuming that when I entered the appointment I meant Eastern time, not Central.

    Going forward I doubt I'd use the time zone feature as it left me confused aout when some of my appointments (the ones set while away in another time zone) were scheduled.
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    It is a great fuunction for those of us that travel internationally through many different time zones. It helps keep the times straight, particularly when syncing with Lotus Notes and sharing calendars.
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    I make sure I set my home zone and any new appts get added are using the home zone. After that, it handles the time changes for me just fine

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