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    Has anyone tried an extended battery in their Treo 650. They say it increases talk time to 7-9 hours.
    Extended Battery
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    Hrmm thats something i gotta try my battery life is terrible becuase i use alot of data usage, either that or some of my software is killing it.
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    I would like to see some specs on it mAh rating. Does anyone know the rating of the standard battery and this "extended life battery." I just checked my Treo 650 battery and its datasheet and there are no ratings written on it.
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    Price seems a little steep. Seeing non OEM "extended" batteries (1800mAh) for less than $25 shipped (

    I have seen standard OEM batteries advertised as 1800mAh - so I think the "extended" described above is a falsehood.

    Not sure I would submit my $600 phone to a non OEM battery, but the choice is yours.

    From Palmone website:

    Only use palmOne batteries
    For safety, we recommend you use only palmOne batteries in your smartphone. Otherwise, you may risk damage to your device. Using non-palmOne components such as third-party batteries will void your warranty.

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